Trades Gateway is a free online portal for internationally trained tradespeople in Ontario. Register to gain access to key information about your trade in Ontario, step-by-step information on the requirements to apply for licensing or certification through the Trade Equivalency Assessment Path, networking and more.

Trades are specific types of jobs and careers that include construction work, industrial, automotive, and service work. If you'd like a full list, you can register for our first webinar to see if your background qualifies.

No, you must have previous trades experience to qualify for the Trades Gateway Program. The program focuses on the “Trade Equivalency Assessment” process - a application that’s designed to help you get your international trades experience recognized. Please look into apprenticeship programs if you wish to start training in a Skilled Trade.

If you would like to learn more about gaining experience in a trade, go to https://iwchamilton.ca/ and contact one of our Employment specialists. They can assist you in finding an apprenticeship program where you can learn new trade skills, get certified and gain work experience.

No, the Trades Gateway program is only open to permanent residents, protected persons, and convention refugees living in Ontario. Citizens are not eligible.

No, only residents of Ontario qualify for the Trades Gateway program. To qualify, you must have a valid Ontario postal code and proper immigration status. For help moving to Canada, please contact your local immigration office.

The Trade Equivalency Assessment can take up to three or four months to get your paperwork submitted and approved. Once approved, you will have one year to write your trade exam. Our program covers both of these sections, spending two months on the Trades Equivalency Assessment and providing open resources for the exam.
Who is eligible?
This program is open to internationally trained permanent residents, protected persons and convention refugees with Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) of 4 and higher who living in Ontario.


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