To our valued community,

We would like to inform you that the Trades Gateway Program (TGP) at the Immigrants Working Centre (IWC) will be coming to close on March 31st, 2024.

Thank you to all those that participated and allowed us to support you on your journey towards getting licensed and re-entering the trades workforce.
To all the service providers that referred candidates to us, we appreciate your support.

Guidance and support focusing on Skilled Trades will continue to be available at IWC. The Skilled Trades department at IWC, which includes the WorkLINK program and Skilled Trades Coach, will take over many aspects and knowledge resources from TGP. They will continue to work with former TGP participants and assist them in achieving their trades and employment goals.

For new inquiries, eligible individuals are expected to hold any of the following immigration statuses: Permanent Residents, Convention Refugees, Protected Persons.

We thank you for cooperating with the program and hope to expand upon it with future initiatives.

To access Skilled Trades Support at IWC, please contact:

Lelav Kittani (she/her)
WorkLink and Skilled Trades Coach